Servinox FH In-Line Filter

The right-angled (FHE) and Y-shaped (FHY) in-line hygienic filters are intended to protect a pump, or any other sensitive equipment, from solid particles that can be found in liquid.

Their hygienic design ensures the absence of retention zones (a breeding ground for bacteria) and is easy to clean. The fluid enters through the axial orifice and exits laterally. Filtration is carried out by a V wire wound in a cylinder, where the filtration cut-off is determined by the spacing between the wires. The filtered particles are collected inside the filtering element. This design avoids filter plugging when the liquids contain fibers.


  • Filtration cut-off on demand
  • Filtration of all types of liquids: clear, sticky or viscous
  • No retention zone for optimal hygiene
  • Magnetic trap (optional)
  • Double jacket heating element (optional)



  • Transfer lines conveying all types of solid bearing liquids
  • Suitable both for liquids bearing solid particles and fibers
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