Servinox XFI Pressure Reducing & Filtering Station

Servinox has designed a compact module for air or CO² treatment that is fully adjustable to the requirements of users and existing installations, the XFI Pressure Reducing & Filtering Station, brought to you by FlowTherm. It handles the capture of micro-organisms in order to generate food chain compressed air or CO².

Depending on the quality of the gas entering, the pressure reducing and filtering station relies on a pre-filter with automatic vent, adjustable pressure valve and a sterile filter to guarantee considerable particle retention capacity. In addition, the XFI station incorporates a clean steam supply to sterilize the main filter.


  • Multifunction unit: pressure regulation and filtration
  • Easy integration and customized manufacture, with trouble-free installation on existing units
  • High particulate retention capacity
  • Minimal load losses are more economically beneficial
  • Wide range of sizes according to the expected flow
  • Hygienic design
  • Minimal dimensions



  • Group 2 fluids in compliance with the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 97/23/CE
  • System ideally suited for breweries, dairies, the agri-food and beverages industry
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