Servinox BOGV Safety Valve

The BOGV valve is intended to protect inerted storage tanks, particularly in the wine producing industry, against vacuums (vacuum breaker) and excess pressures.


  • Combined pressure and vacuum valve
  • Specially designed for storage tanks in protected atmospheres
  • Fully autonomous (no external control required for its operation)
  • Simplified and cost-effective maintenance
  • Low pressure sealing (regulation of the gas stratification and control of the nitrogen consumption)
  • The best quality/price ratio on the market



  • Storage of food and non-food products and more especially wines and champagnes
  • Tanks where the inerting value is between 15 and 35 mbars and where the service temperature does not exceed 40 °C
  • Exclusively designed to transport gases (in case of overflow, the valve elements must be dismounted and cleaned manually)
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