Servinox AE Carbonator

The AE carbonator from Servinox and FlowTherm, is used for the in-line injection of a gas in a clear liquid. The gas is injected into the carbonator via the side entry spigot and diffused into the liquid through a poral disc (version A) or an injection sleeve perforated with calibrated holes (version D). The particular profile of the carbonator optimises the dissolution of the gas in the product and limits the expansion of the carbonated liquid on exit from the equipment.

The AE carbonator is equipped with a mounting thread on the liquid intake and outlet as well as on the gas intake. A drain valve on the injection chamber is used during line cleaning to evacuate the cleaning solution from the chamber.

The saturation level of the liquid in gas is determined by the flow, the temperature of the liquid and the pressure of the gas. We are able to determine these values according to the required saturation levels.

The AE carbonator can be integrated in an XAE type unit integrating the automatic adjustment and control of in-line measurement.


  • In-line carbonatation
  • Injection of the gas at the core of the liquid stream
  • Version available for wort ventilation
  • Desaturation minimized after the injection



  • On circuits conveying clear liquids
  • Beers and other carbonated beverages
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