Kelvion Fully-Welded Plate Heat Exchangers

Kelvion’s fully-welded plate heat exchangers make are ideal for their minimal size, outstanding heat transfer coefficients and comparatively minimal investment costs. The design advantages thus come into play in areas in which in addition to the output, load capacity is also required. They are particularly robust and require only minimal cleaning and servicing. In addition, each series has its specific advantages and areas of application. The conclusion: Developed for the challenges of specific applications, Kelvion’s fully-welded plate heat exchangers offer convincing performance even under the most difficult circumstances.

K°Flex plate heat exchangers are the perfect solution for gaseous, liquid and two-phase media in the chemical, petrochemical and power industry. Both the temperature range of -200° to 550° C and the pressure capacity of up to 100 bar make this heat exchanger the logical choice for problem-free operation.

For Oil and Gas as well as Petrochemicals
The KºBloc is a fully-welded plate heat exchanger that is used above all in the oil and gas industry, the chemical industry as well as in the petrochemical sector. Two different plate corrugations are available. Chevron corrugation enables effective heat transfer. In contrast, double dimple corrugation is the first choice for highly viscous or solid containing media as well as for vacuum applications. The solidly bolted frame consists of four columns, top and bottom heads as well as four side panels. These side panels can be detached swiftly and allow free access all the way around for the thorough and easy cleaning of the fully-welded plate package.

Rekuluvo and Rekugavo:
The names “Rekuluvo” (air pre-heater) and “Rekugavo” (gas pre-heater) describe two efficient, fully welded plate heat exchangers for gaseous products. Whether in fossil-power stations, in waste incineration and chemical plants, in refineries, steelworks, in wood processing and papermaking, whether in cement works or many other branches of industry: the recuperative Rekugavo and Rekuluvo heat exchangers are capturing the markets, particular thanks to the significant technological advantages in comparison with conventional solutions.

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