Kelvion Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers

Kelvion’s gasketed plate heat exchangers demonstrate what passion, scientific curiosity and technical expertise can achieve. Characterising these heat exchangers are high efficiency at low operating costs, greater application possibilities at lower investment costs. Further development of the plate series in thermodynamic and fluid-dynamic performance also ensures that you can achieve maximum economic efficiency. The range of connection sizes, plate corrugations, and plate widths and lengths means Kelvion’s heat exchanges can be made to measure to your requirements. In addition, maintenance-friendly assembly and sealing technologies are applied, which assure that service and maintenance costs are kept low.

Kelvion’s brazed heat exchangers work for both Food and Beverage, and Industrial applications.

NP Series:
Increasing demand for cold supply in high-rise buildings and data centers as well as district cooling poses new challenges to gasketed plate heat exchangers in matter of pressure resistance and performance. Our answer is the new NP150X – developed with these applications in mind. This plate is the first of our new NP series. Other plate sizes will follow to complete the range.

LWC Series:
Conventionally sealed plate heat exchangers soon reach their limits when used with critical media. We solve this problem with the most modern technology: Cassettes with laser-welded flow channels on one side in which even aggressive media can flow.

NT Series:
The NT Series offers pure application diversity. Thanks to plate types in numerous lengths, profile variants and materials, the NT Series is suitable for every requirement. It is convincing in terms of greater performance, more options and less investment.

GG Series:
Drinking water as a healthy staple depends on reliable high-efficiency plate heat exchangers to heat the water up. Our plate heat exchangers comply with European and international standards and operate with the degree of reliability you have come to expect from the market leader.

There are more options in the Kelvion Brazed Heat Exchanger Range, which you can see by visiting here.

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