Kelvion Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

Kelvion’s brazed heat exchangers offer tailor-made solutions for the greatest possible range of applications. There is a choice between copper- and nickel-brazed or VacInox plate heat exchangers depending on the field of application. Thanks to the automated manufacture and compact design of our EcoBraze Series, customised heat exchanger can be made in the shortest time possible. Kelvion look for the most economical solution from the various sizes and diverse accessories available and adapt them precisely to your requirements with customized connections.

Kelvion’s brazed heat exchangers work for both Food and Beverage, and Industrial applications.

GNS Series:
GNS Series nickel-brazed plate heat exchangers are precision made to provide a number of features for increasing system performance and reliability. Designed to offer true counter current flow and high turbulence in the working fluids they offer outstanding heat transfer options, even at low flow rates.

GBS Series:
If you attach great importance to flexible sizing and sophisticated technology, then the GBS plate heat exchangers are your choice. These brazed allrounders are ideally suited for applications of any size – pressure resistant up to 40 bar at -196°C up to +200°C. This brings quality, economic efficiency and excellent thermal performance to your operations.

GK Series:
With the new ConBraze-Series highest efficiency, effective use of materials and absolute functionality are optimally combined in the form of brazed plate heat exchangers.

XCR Series:
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GBH Series:
GBH Series is especially designed to operate consistently in the pressure range of up to 45 bar while offering a maximum variety of circuit possibilities. Operating with the effective non-ozone depleting refrigerant R410A the new GBH range offers an optimized corrugation pattern in the wave fields of the heat exchanger plates as well as further improvements to the inlet and outlet openings.

GBH-HP Series:
For the highest mechanical and thermal requirements. The GBH-HP-Series are brazed plate heat exchangers with a pressure frame. They are designed for transcritical and subcritical CO2 systems and industrial applications with system pressures up to 140 bar / 2031 psi.

There are more options in the Kelvion Brazed Heat Exchanger Range, which you can see by visiting here.

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