Servinox Pigging System

Designed to integrate transfer lines perfectly, the Servinox pigging system efficiently recovers the residual mass in the piping using a pig. The pig is initially positioned upstream of the zone to be evacuated, then sent in the piping by a thrusting fluid (gas or liquid).

The standard equipment comprises a launching station, a receiving station and a pig. It can be completed by full flow multi-way valves (MV), which can be used to adapt and optimise the lines for pigging. Pigging control can be made either manual or automatic with a pig speed control unit (RVO).

Key Features:

  • Pigging of all products transported in piping (viscous, solid bearing, solidifying, etc.)
  • Reduction in product losses (recovery above 99.5%)
  • Elimination of the dilution phenomenon induced by water thrust without a pig
  • Enhanced line use flexibility by limiting the risks of cross-contamination
  • Customised system that adapts to all types of requirements and constraints
  • Reduction in the consumption of cleaning agents and washing cycles
  • Reduction in the volumes of effluent to be treated
  • Reduction in the operating costs and return on investment as of the first year of use
  • Equipment especially adapted to the lines distributing viscous, solid bearing and/or solidifying liquids (creams, chocolate, caramel, etc.)
  • Transfer line pigging for all types of liquids
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