Scanjet SC 30TA

Scanjet’s SC 30TA is the first aseptic single-nozzle designed programmable tank cleaning machine designed for large tank installations. This unit is internally and externally polished for end user specification, and can be delivered with alcohol cofferdams between the drive unit and tank atmosphere.

The single-nozzle design delivers a solid and powerful jet, optimising cleaning results on all tank surfaces. It comprises of a unique separated turning and lifting moments with a rapid manual overdrive for sector cleaning setting.f

The SC 30TA is produced in accordance with ISO 9001 quality standards. Additionally, certificates of conformity and accreditation are available on request. Further, the SC 15TA conforms to United States ASME standards for construction. Other standards are available upon request.

Key Features:
  • Internally and externally polished to 0,8 micron
  • Aseptic
  • Alcohol filled cofferdam available
  • Large transportations tanks
  • Beverage tanks
  • Juice tanks
  • Large process vessels and reactors
  • Large storage tanks
  • 1-1.6 rpm rotation speed
  • 1000 mm standard length
  • Materials: AISI 316, PTFE, Viton
  • Lubrication: Cleaning Media
  • 5-65 m3/h flow
  • 8 bar recommended pressure
  • 6-12 bar inlet pressure
  • Per additional meter of main pipe: 10 kg
  • Inlet connection: DN 50, DIN-11864-BF-A41*1,5-N-1,4404
  • Tank connection: DN 162, DIN-11864-BF-A41*1,5-N-1,4404
  • 14 bar max pressure
  • 95°C max temperature
  • Weighs 43 kg
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