Scanjet Bio 7SB

Scanjet’s Bio rotary spray heads are suitable for small or medium sized process vessels where moderate cleaning is needed. The spray heads are low pressure devices, and rotation is powered by the eccentric flow of cleaning liquid through the spray head. This means only a limited amount of cleaning liquid is required to efficiently remove residues.

The Rotary Spray Heads range is completely self-cleaning and self-draining. Its spray pattern is runs 360°. Therefore, scanjet’s simplified and effective design makes the 7SB useful for a range of applications and installable in any position or angle.

The Scanjet Bio 7SB is a very efficient replacement for traditional static spray ball devices, offering 360° impact coverage, self-cleaning and self-draining features.  The patent-pending Bio 7SB design follows EHEDG and GMP guidelines, and can be supplied with EN10204-2.1, 2.2 or 3.1 material and FDA 21CFR compliance certificates.  The Scanjet Bio 7SB-XXX-A clip-on and weld-on versions have also attained 3A certification under the sanitary standard 78-01.

This new type of fluid-bearing rotary spray ball is fast becoming the first choice for customers looking to take their CIP tank cleaning system performance to the next level, saving water / cleaning fluid while at the same time improving the cleaning efficiency.  The Bio 7SB is easy to install, with a choice of either a pin, weld-on or threaded connection.  Due to the inherently durable design, the life time of fluid-bearing cleaning devices can be two to three times that of traditional ball-bearing cleaning devices.

Key Features:
  • Rotating spray
  • Ideal for small to medium-sized tanks
  • Low pressure requirement
  • 360° spiral cleaning
  • Low cleaning fluid volume
  • Reactors
  • IBC’s
  • Mixing vessels
  • Paint manufacturing
  • Beverage tanks
  • Yeast tanks
  • Dairy process vessels
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