Inox Fer TMV Mixing System

For Use on High Viscosity Products

The TMV series is designed to handle large amounts of product, as well as tp work with highly viscous blends. The vertical suction directly from the hopper to the inlet of the pump, together with the tangential suction of the liquid causes the product to be mixed at the entrance of the pump. The solution is then pushed by centrifugal force through a particular filter that then atomizes and mixes the blend homogeneously without generating clots of any kind. TMV can exceptionally dissolve heavy products such as starches, proteins, pectin, caseinates and many others, and is available with the tank as well as just the dissolvers.


  • Tanks with capacity from 300 lt up to 5000 lt
  • Visual level of control
  • Mixing and transferring pump
  • Compact design to take advantage of spaces
  • Spray ball to clean the entire machine

Additional optional features:

  • Recipes and products load management by Inox-Pro 3.1 software
  • Tank thermal conditioning with refrigerated double jacket
  • Intuitive touch-screen interface


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