Inox Fer DR Mixing System

For Use on Low Viscosity Products

The principle of operation for the DR Mixing system is very simple. A centrifugal pump sucks fluid from the tank, creating a double Venturi effect under the hopper. The product contained in the hopper is then sucked in and pushed into the liquid at a very fast rate to ensure a perfectly homogeneous mixing. Once the products are dissolved, the mixture is kept circulating inside the tank for a few minutes in order to secure a greater homogeneity. Finally, it is transferred to the point of use by the same pump. Available in two versions: with the tank and only the dissolvers.


  • Switchboard with mixing timer
  • Control manual valves
  • Compact design to take advantage of spaces
  • Tanks with capacity from 300 lt up to 5000 lt

Additional optional features:

  • Recipes management by Inox-Pro 3.1 software
  • Functions and plant conditions control by PC
  • Automatic product transfer and load
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