Servinox BOT Safety Valve

The valves in the BOT range are PED certified security equipment, intended to protect tanks containing group 2 gases against excess pressures (service pressure above 0.5 bar). The valve blow-off can be collected.

The valve comprises a cylindrical body and a lever mounted stainless steel counterweight, used for pressure calibration. In the event of excess pressure, the ball allows the fluid to escape to a secondary network.

As a rule, the valve is set to a pressure equal to the service pressure. Sealing is through a stainless steel ball up to 165 °C or an Arnite® ball up to 80 °C on contact with an elastomer lip seal.

Servinox is able to design a valve with respect to tank characteristics (diameter, height), resistance (pressure and vacuum) and washing conditions (temperature, flow-rate).


  • Fully autonomous (no external control required for its operation)
  • Calibration by counterweight, ensuring excellent long-lasting reliability
  • Cost-effective maintenance, with no impact on the calibration



  • Manufacture and storage of food and non-food products in a controlled atmosphere (dairy products, beverages, waters, creams and other cosmetic products, fine chemicals, etc.)
  • Tanks subject to PED compliance where the service pressure is more than 0.5 bar
  • Exclusively designed to transport gases
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