Sawa P/MP Peripheral Pump

The peripheral pump is the right choice for all applications in which low flow rates and pulsation-free pumping against high pressure are required. The symmetrical design is suitable for rotated installation.

Key Features:

  • pumping small quantities against high pressures and free of pulsation
  • good adjustability with frequency converter due to the steep, linear pump characteristic curve
  • the symmetrical design is suitable for both left and right rotation
  • sturdy design comprising high-quality chromium-nickel-molybdenum steel 1.4435 (316L) with electropolished surfaces
  • optional: SSiC bearings and ceramic shaft for low wear and avoiding abrasion
  • option for various mechanical seal systems


Flow rate Qmax. 7 m3/h
Delivery head Hup to 100 m
Temperature rangeminus 30°C to 200°C (version MP)
Viskosity< 150 mPass
Nominal pressureup to PN63
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