Sawa LET Submersible Pump

The SAWA LET submersible pump is a centrifugal pump for motor-in dry-well installation, and is available for submersion depths up to 3m. It is manufactured out of corrosion resistent stainless steel. The pumps are made according to the customers’s requirements and are ideal for application with solvents, industrial waste water, alcohol and chemicals. A bearing free version is available for submersion depths up to 0.6 m. This guarantees a long lifetime e.g. with abrasive liquids.

The submersible centrifugal pump can be used for various liquids in all areas of industry. The LET has a diverse range of applications, and can even be used for explosion-hazard liquids in EX zones 1 and 2. The pump is specifically suitable for chemicals, solvents, industrial effluents and alcohols. For instance, Alcohols, methanol, ethanol, solvents, hydrogen peroxide, deionized water, urea, glycol solutions, biodiesel, condensates, etc. It is generally manufactured precisely to customer requirements.

Key Features:

  • pumping of solids-laden media with no risk of clogging
  • simple modular design
  • sturdy design comprising high-quality stainless steel 1.4435 (316L)
  • low lifecycle costs and long service life
  • for viscous liquids up to approx. 200 mPas
  • sturdy, generously dimensioned slide bearings made of hard carbon or SSiC
  • for maximum reliability even for liquids with highly abrasive action, e.g. bearing-free design (up to approx. 0.6 m)
  • bearing assembly, sealing and connection facilities etc. are always matched to the specific customer requirements


Flow rate Qmax. 100 m3/h
Delivery head Hup to 50 m
Temperature rangeminus 30 °C to 130 °C
Viskosityup to approx. 200 mPas
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