Rattiinox CAD Double Position Sensor

CAD’s Clean and Aseptic Valves have simple and safe design, with full drainability, no asymptotic seal or dead legs, and offer fast cleanability and sterilization practices. They are designed to fulfil the stringent demands of CIP-SIP and Production Cycles in Aseptic Processing.

Double Position Sensor provides an indication on the state of the pneumatic valve and on the extended 90° manual actuator, giving the possibility to record the opening and closing positions. The sensor is easy to be programmed using the CAD Programmer (YACT-SENP-0XC0-X0000) or via PLC and can be used for all CAD valves. Same tool for all size of CAD actuators, thanks to the already included adaptors.

Rattinox offer this product in a number of varieties, please visit here for more details.

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