Palpharma PALPharmaVac

PalPharmaVac – cGMP vacuum tube lifting systems for cleanroom and process environments

The PalPharmaVac fully GMP stainless steel Vacuum tube lifter has been uniquely designed to meet the requirements of the Pharamaceutical, BioTech, Cosmetic and Nutraceutical industries. It can lift and tip drums, and can handle sacks/ bags, boxes and cartons up to 100kg.

It has a hand demountable assembly for ease of cleaning and low maintenance. It incorporates a wipe down lift tube cover and includes a special filtration system which means no downstream contamination of products. Each system is supplied with a safe change filter change for easy changeover of suction feet.

A wide range of fully GMP gantry crane systems are available

Typical applications include:

  • Pallet to pallet transfer and batch assembly
  • Discharging product from a drum in to a receiving vessel or reactor
  • Feeding product in to a blender, mixer or dryer
  • Docking a drum on to an isolator

Features and benefits

  • Products handled: Sacks/bags, boxes/ cartons, drums
  • Weights: up to 100kg
  • Reach: 1-4m using a gantry system
  • Finish: 304 to 316L cGMP
  • Lightweight hand demountable design for ease of cleaning and low maintenance
  • Wipe down lift tube cover
  • FDA approved materials on suction feet
  • Incorporates a special filtration system which means no downstream contamination of components
  • Safe change filter change station
  • FAT, IQ/OQ documentation
  • Suitable for ATEX
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