Palpharma PalPharmaBins

PalPharmaBins IBC range of stainless steel In Process, bulk storage and transfer containers. Bespoke systems can be designed and offer an ideal solution for the clean process requirements of the plastics, pharmaceutical and food industries

The PalPharmaBin has been designed to comply with the specific needs of the pharmaceutical, food and allied industries for efficiently transporting semi-bulk solids to the point of use in process plants and transferring all types of free flowing powdered and granular material. Options are available to aid the discharge of non free flowing powders and granules.


  • Stacking feature
  • Contained filling and discharging
  • Four way fork channels
  • Pallet jack guides
  • Anti Static rings
  • Levelock clamp rings
  • Silicone gaskets
  • Mass flow design
  • Special hopper angle
  • Lifting eyelets
  • Sight glass
  • Optional venting
  • Optional Castors
  • Any type of value

Features and benefits

  • The PalPharmaBins are manufactured in 304/316L stainless steel as standard. Interior polished to 0.2 microns.
  • External finish is 0.4 microns
  • Total volume from 300 to 2500 litres
  • Hopper angle is 60 degree on the wide side, 50 degree on the narrow side
  • Designed for hygienic cleaning to be carried out manually or automatically without any dead points or difficult areas to clean
  • The rectangular cross section is for higher efficiency during blending
  • Large upper lid in stainless steel 304 or 3016l with lock clamp connection
  • Increased process efficiency and reduction in labour
  • The PalPharmaBin can be partially or completely discharged and then sorted, re-used or cleaned
  • The PalPharmaBin becomes a blending vessel when used with a PalPharmaBlend, offering batch integrity and traceability. Once loaded into the blender frame, the PalPharmaBin is tumbled on an asymmetric axis to provide a quick and efficient blend
  • Dust tight
  • Superior discharge control through standard butterfly value when dealing with free flowing and granular powders
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