Palpharma PALPharma-RABS

PALPharma-RABS Auto Transfer, Dispense, Fill and Weigh System

 A restricted access barrier system (RABS) can often be mistaken for just being an engineering approach to physically prevent a person or thing from getting into a hazardous process area. i.e. protection against tangling or entrapment. However, often in the pharmaceutical/biotech world this is also to prevent a human from coming in contact with an ‘aseptic’ process itself, thus reducing the risk of the most common cause of cross contamination: humans. Maintaining aseptic conditions for drug’s manufactured in ISO 5/Grade A conditions e.g. the parenteral type. Palamatic’s PalPharma division can customise a ‘Passive RABS’ system complete with automated material handling system behind the barrier to your specific requirements. Any accessories or features can be incorporated such as air samplers or particle counters. The passive type RABS is where HEPA filtered air is introduced from the clients ceiling into the enclosed RABS, swept through the process and away.

Features and benefits:-

  • Standard or customised design to suit client process specific challenges.
  • Can be designed to be corrosion resistant to vapourised hydrogen peroxide or other pharmaceutical/biotech cleaning agents/sporicides.
  • Meeting all typical cGMP guidelines and pharmaceutical/biotech URS critical requirements.
  • ATEX compliant when required.
  • Interlocked designs. CE/UL Compliant. Machinery directive compliant.
  • Ability to procure & integrate other OEM packages e.g. weighing systems.
  • One responsible party for the FAT & commissioning for a combined aseptic barrier system complete with automated material handling. Less travelling, cost, assurance the machine works when integrated without sub supplier conflicts
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