Palpharma Palpharma-LITE

PalPharma-LITE –Inline –  cGMP Lightweight Vacuum Lifter

The PalPharma LITE inline is a fully GMP lightweight vacuum lifter suitable for lifting and moving sacks, bags, boxes, cartons, drums and multi products. It has an inbuilt filtration system and a stainless steel design. It has non particle shedding suction feet and a range of end effectors that can easily be swapped over using the quick release coupling mechanism.

The system is operated by one hand and it ideal for fast repetitive lifting of product weighing up to 50kg. It is supplied with a wipe down lift tube for housekeeping

Features and Benefits

  • GMP and ATEX compliant
  • FDA approved materials
  • Wipe down lift tube
  • Single handed operation
  • Range of easily changeable end effectors
  • Choice of Stainless steel Clean Crane systems to suit area
  • FAT and IQ/OQ documentation
  • CE Label
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