Palpharma PAL-TRAC

PAL-TRAC Cleanroom Electric Wire Rope Hoist and Monorail PAL-TRAC Crane Systems

The system consists of an electric wire rope hoist suspended from a Monorail Crane system. The advantages of this low cost option are that the crane fits into low headroom areas and is suspended horizontally from the ceiling so the walkway is not impeded by a fixed structure such as with a post hoist. The walkway is not impeded by a fixed structure like a post hoist.

It is extremely versatlle as it uses a hook end effector that can easily eb changed so that is can be used for maintenance and process operations such as lifting impellors or centrifuge bowls.

Features and benefits

  • Low cost, in comparison to a post hoist.
  • Extremely versatile. Hook end effector can easily be changed so that it is used for maintenance or for process operations. i.e. lifting impellers or centrifuge bowls
  • Low headroom required, smaller designs (that can lift 250kg) fit within a headroom of <550mm. i.e. from hook to false ceiling.
  • Bigger capacity systems can fit within a headroom <650mm.
  • Rhombus shape monorail, less particle migration to this shape.
  • Hook ‘fall’ for slinging impellers, centrifuge bowls. Or holding ‘A’ Frame/crucifix tool for super sacks/FIBC’s etc
  • Transparent viewing window i.e. no disassembly required for legal requirement of periodic visual inspection.
  • Neat festoon arrangement, with stainless steel wire.
  • Hangers to client structural steel/slab
  • 304L or 316L Stainless Steel & IP56 Rating (water jet proof)
  • FAT and IQ/OQ documentation

PAL-TRAC – Crane system/ Jib Crane/ Articulated Jib

For a high specification Pharmaceutical or clean food environments Palamatic’s PalTrac overhead gantry offers and idea alternative to conventional open track designs.

It is designed with a closed diamond profile minimises hang-up points for air borne dust particles which lowers housekeeping times and reduces the potential for contaminant build up. It is suitable for wipe down or house down cleaning. It still offers the features of traditional gantry systems with total flexibility for linear movements, and can be suspended from vertical floor mounted pillars, stanchion or wall mounted brackets, existing overhead steelwork or ceiling mounted.

It can be provided as a crane system to cover a large area, an articulated jib in restricted areas or a jib crane. 

Features and benefits

  • Stainless Steel finish suitable for pharmaceutical and food processing environments.
  • 304/316 options available with a range of polish finishes.
  • Unique ‘diamond’ profile reduces hang-up points for airborne dust particles.
  • Closed track design with externally running trollies means easy-cleandown throughout.
  • No risk of ‘paint chipping’ associated with conventional mild steel, open track systems.
  • FDA approved material white Acetal Co-Polymer is used as standard for all trolley wheels.
  • Floor, wall or ceiling (steelwork) suspension options to suit your operating environment.
  • Capacities 50-160 KG. SWL available (This includes weight of lifting system)
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