Palpharma Pal-Trac Cleanroom Monorail Hoist

Introducing Palpharma’s Pal-Trac Cleanroom Monorail Hoist, an 1000kg capacity version in Palpharma’s Pal-Trac line, based on a 400v power requirement. The Monorail Hoist could – for example – be used for lifting things for maintenance of vessels , removing tank agitators/impellers, or moving BioBags/Sacks, Chargebags, bottles for charging, and moving centrifuge bowls. Palpharma can customise the design for particular applications you have, or any special features you need.

Key Benefits:

  • Suitable for pharma cGMP areas using a rhombus shaped monorail, less migration of particles to this shape. Gives us a significant advantage over other so called ‘cleanroom’ grade hoist suppliers.
  • Keeps precious client walkway space free in comparison to a floor mounted pillar hoist.
  • Wireless (eX or safe area) pendants.
  • Resistant to typical pharma/food cleaning agents.
  • Transparent carriage viewing window for mandatory periodic inspection. i.e. reduced need to disassemble.
  • Low headroom, from hook centre to false ceiling we have managed to do this thus far to 450mm.
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