CSF Inox PA Air-Operated Piston Pump

Double effect sanitary pumps with a wide range of pistons according to the product to be pumped. Alternative motor with air distributing valve. The pumps are connected to the different motors by means of connections in order to facilitate the disassembly during cleaning. They are built in AISI 304 / AISI 316L mirror-polished steel, both inside and outside. Rod and piston seal in food rubber or Teflon.

The PA series pumps are operated by compressed air with a double-acting piston. They are intended for professional use and are constructed in two different versions:

  • PA-I series – industrial version
  • PA-A series – hygienic version

They consist of a compressed air motor, a connecting support that holds the pump body, a cylinder that contains the pumping piston and the valves. The suction port is located in the bottom section of the cylinder while the discharge port is situated on the side of the pump body. The pump and the motor are coupled by a threaded connection in the PA-I version and with quick-release clamps in the PA-A version in order to facilitate disassembly and allow for rapid cleaning and washing. Piston rod and pump rod are connected by a bayonet-type coupling.

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